BE Interview #1: Kate and the Transformative Power of Grief

Listen to Kate’s Interview HERE

Kate is a woman that I feel epitomizes grace and strength.

After graduating from Northwestern University and starting her career as a journalist and writer, Kate married the love of her life, Ben. Together had two beautiful daughters and settled down to build their lives in Knoxville TN. 

Then something happened that changed Kate’s life forever.  Her husband suddenly passed away and overnight she was a 36-year-old widow and a single Mom of two little girls. 

Through her own resolve and the emotional support of family and friends, she started rebuilding her life on her terms.  And out of the pain of this experience and inspired by how her sister supported her during her darkest times, Kate and her sister created Rainy Day Boxes which is changing the way we support the grieving – one small gift at a time. 

You can listen to Kate’s story here and also on Spotify

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